Mariah Morvant
all photos are mine unless stated otherwise

Anonymous asked: what are you doing tonight???

well I just got back from a hike at the beach and now I’m drinking tea and I’m probably gonna draw something while I watch stand up comedy

Anonymous asked: What would you say is your type or an instant attraction in a guy?

someone who knows what he wants I guess. If they like classic rock it’s always a plus

Anonymous asked: What are youre turn on's and turn off's?

turn ons: being open minded, being supportive, honesty, independence, outgoing and funny

turn offs: being a downer, boring, mean, judge mental, lying, whining, drama

Anonymous asked: if you could be any character in a painting, which character would you be? you may also pick a film :)

hahaha definitely arwen in lord of the rings because she gets to be with aragorn

kyhuk asked: I really enjoy your work.

aw thanks :)

Anonymous asked: What's your favorite painting?

the singing butler by jack vettriano, I grew up with it in my house and always loved it

Anonymous asked: Pick a number


Anonymous asked: how would you react if someone cheated on you?

we would just break up I guess, I wouldn’t yell or kill myself or anything haha, everything happens for a reason and putting too much energy into drama is pointless

Anonymous asked: let me see a picture of you now, whatever you're doing


Anonymous asked: What are ur plans yonight?

mellow, netflix and painting