Mariah Morvant


Anonymous said: I 💗 Instagram. Which is your favorite social media platform?


haha I miss the days before social media but I guess I would pick tumblr, I scroll through the feed on here more than insta and I don’t currently have a fb or anything else

I’m a sucker for Pinterest haha

Anonymous said: Dang.. I had to follow you in order to ask an anonymous question. Not feeling so anonymous anymore. Are you trying to be sneaky?

haha uh no I didn’t know that was the case, other people have asked questions without following so that’s weird

itsmeponch said: Can you think of a meal any better then breakfast?

all meals are equally good to me because I eat any kind of food at any meal haha

Anonymous said: In this world you actually need very little if anything to be happy. It's just a choice

what is this in response to lol?

Anonymous said: I feel like I am the older male version of you.. but you are still way ahead of me. Keep the world inspired!

haha thanks!

Anonymous said: you're so funny hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! thank you :)

lol you’re welcome

Anonymous said: Have you tried acupuncture before?

Haha no but my mom does it, I’ve always wanted to try it :)

Anonymous said: When are you coming to London? :-)

lol idk someday